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JOIN OUR TEAM is currently recruiting quality/ good online journalist/ entertainment bloggers. This is to enable us get included into Google news as soon as possible. If you believe you can work with us. Kindly get to us as soon as possible with a short essay on why we should employ you.

Categories Needed

Sports,opinions,religion,politics,education,jobs,entertainment,business &tech,fashion,health,News,crimes,biafra,lifestyle, photos news,video news etc. The list is limitless.


1.Journalist/writers after been accepted as a staff must publish at least 5 news article/reports daily, this is to enable us meet our daily target. Copy and paste is highly prohibited . So writers/editors must be able to properly edit and rewrite  news article void of plagiarism.

2. Should posses a valid and functional Facebook, twitter account for article sharing.

3. Must/should be willing to join us on a one week trial period.

4. Payment is made on a monthly basis ( very attractive salary)


Payment is made on a monthly basis.

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