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Free Investment Tips:- How You Can Invest With N100,000



With the current economic problem Nigeria is facing at the moment, it has not only affected the financial aspect of people’s lives but many are even afraid to invest or start a business due to the volatile situation.

While keeping money in a bank might seem like a good way to save money for the future, doing business with it can help to see it grow at a faster pace while keeping the person gainfully self-employed.

While N100,000 might not seem like a huge sum of money to start a business in Nigeria, there are actually some things that can be done with the seemingly small amount of money to start a business.

Here are five business ideas that one can invest in with N100,000


You can start a poultry business for as little as N100,00. Buy day-old chickens and even from your backyard start rearing them. You’ll also have to buy chicken feed and provide water for them.

While these chickens require constant monitoring when they are growing, the work reduces when they start to reach a certain level.

Gradually, your N100,000 investment will start to pay off when you start to sell them but remember to buy new chickens each time to replace the sold ones.

Roadside snacks

With a good location preferably where you have a lot of commuters and pedestrians using the location, you can start baking/frying snacks and selling.

With a capital as small as N100,000 you can get into the business and the good thing is that if you are very good at it, it will start to expand and you’ll even have regular and loyal customers.

Remember that hygiene is important in this business and so must make you must make your location neat and use clean water.

You don’t even need to advertise as your good snacks will get a lot f recommendation from people who patronise you.

Liquid soap

With the growing demand for liquid soap, you cans lo tap into the market by learning how to make it and producing your own.

If you are very good at it, you stand the chance of growing your business from N100,000 into millions of Naira by distributing to sellers too.

Mobile phones accessories

With N100,000, you can start buying and selling phone accessories like charger, earpiece, batteries, etc.

These items are always in demand and you need to be able to make the best of the market by providing very good accessories.

Slowly but over time, you’ll be able to have loyal customers who will also recommend their friend.

You can use social media to advertise your items and also make arrangement for delivery to buyers.


With feeding being an integral part of human existence, you can invest your N100,000 into buying and selling food items.

Just make sure you identify a farmer’s market where you can buy them as they are being taken from the farm and resell to consumers.

Although it requires a lot of energy and very tasking, the profit from it can set you on for a life-long business venture.


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Why African Youths Are Finding It Hard, Tony Elumelu



The chairman of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tony Elumelu, has said that government policies have become major hindrances to successes of endeavors of youths in Africa.

He spoke at the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group.

According to him, youths in Africa are “determined, energetic, hungry to succeed and make a difference and are extremely intelligent,” but he noted “the environment makes it difficult for them to succeed.”Tony Elumelu

Elumelu said African governments must make the youths a priority in their various endeavors.

He said “Governments need to understand that if we prioritize the young ones and make the operating environment conducive, they would be able to optimize the required intellects, they would do well and we would be able to solve some of the problems in the continent

“So, regulation is major, intellectual property is very important, incentivizing investors are all factors that will help us address these issues.

“Digital connectivity is a major issue in Africa and you can’t fix it if you don’t have reliable access to electricity. So, if we want to truly address the issue of the digital economy in Africa, these challenges have to be fixed.”

He added that if the issues of policy were dealt with investors would rush down to Africa.

This is coming two days after Nigerians faulted President Buhari on a comment he made saying a lot of Nigerians are lazy and are relying on the fact that Nigeria is an oil-rich country to get things from the government for free.

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Globacom, Chief Marketing Officer Hit With $6.7m Fraud Charge



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arraigned leading Nigeria telecommunication firm, Globacom Nigeria Limited and its Indian Chief Marketing Officer, Ashok Israni, before Justice A.O. Williams of the Lagos State Special Offences Court Ikeja, over an alleged fraud of $6,786,674.61.

In the one count charge against the company and its chief marketing officer, EFCC said, “Ashok Israni and Globacom Limited, sometime in 2008 in Lagos, within the Ikeja Judicial Division, with intent to defraud, induced Emitac Mobile Solutions LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates to confer a benefit on you by permitting Emitac Mobile Solutions LLC to provide you with Blackberry solutions services, valued at USD 6,786,674.64 on the understanding that the benefit will be paid for, which pretense you knew to be false.”

The prosecuting counsel for the EFCC, Mr. A.B.C. Ozioko, said Globacom and Israni acted contrary to Section 1(2)(3) of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud Related Offences Act No. 14 of 2006.

The defendants did not show up in court on Monday, leading to the presiding Judge adjourning the case till May 15, 2018, for the arraignment of the defendants.

The prosecutor pointed out that EFCC has made efforts to produce Israni, who had been granted an administrative bail by the anti-graft agency.

“My lord, we are sorry we are not able to produce the defendants.mAs part of efforts to ensure that trial commences, we brought the complainants all the way from Dubai. We have no choice but to seek a date for arraignment,” the EFCC prosecuting counsel said before the adjournment of the suit.


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Tips and Advice on Investment decisions.




Investment is a reasonable decision that can help you achieve your long term financial expectations, but in the process of this feat many pitfalls and risk are involved which can be averted.

Investment is a long term project with the anticipation of getting benefit and reward on the long run, it requires a lot commitment, discipline and resources .a wise investment decision may seems trivial most times because there are several risk attached to it especially for new investors, but with diligence, proper research and analysis you can make a reasonable and successful investment decision. Here are tips and advice concerning how to make wise investment decisions.


Know your current position

When diving into investment options it is better to know and understand the principles of what it entails, knowing your strength capacity before venturing helps you understand what is needed to make such decision. This decision could be in terms of financial resources needed for the project, the duration of the investment, why you should invest in such particular option and importantly if it is wise enough.


How much risk involved

Investment involves risk and certain amount of uncertainty,risk in terms of result and other downsides. Understanding the risk level of any business decision gives you foresight of the risk and pitfalls it contains as it also gives you consciousness should in case the risks are getting critical. Any investment tagged high risk: high reward is a totally bad investment strategy to follow as there are lots of complications involved.

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Ability to forecast outcome/result

Any business decision you can’t foresee the outcome is a risky one, any investment based on wild guess is totally wrong and more reason you shouldn’t consider it. This is a reason people lose money because their investment is based on faith and not fact.


Avoid investing all funds

It is very essential to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. It is an unwise investment decision to make regardless of the certainty or reward the investment declares. solid investment decision are 60/70% risk proof. Investing all available funds into any investment could be a major disaster if things should go sideways.

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