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Ogun State Faces Lassa Fever Outbreak, 66 Quarantined



–66 Quarantined in Ogun State due to Lassa Fever Outbreak,

The Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Babatunde Ipaye has confirmed the outbreak of Lassa fever saying a 20-year-old patient tested positive for the virus and has been moved to one of the isolation centres set up by the state government.

Ipaye also said 66 persons who had contact with the victim have been put under observation as he called on residents to remain calm and assured them of adequate response surveillance in the case of another outbreak.

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‘Start Thinking Twice About Eating Suya Meat After Seeing This’ (Photos)



-According to report made available to Jayreporters media, a certain  Facebook user has shared horrible pictures of how Suya meat are being prepared in an dirty and unhygienic environment.

According to him, one needs to think twice before eating the spicy skewered cow meat.

The dirty environment and poor or zero hygiene conditions in which Suya is made and handled in many places in Nigeria, has called for a great concern.

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 Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, has warned Nigerians against the consumption of some popular delicacies like Suya is dangerous to the health.

According to the Minister, other forms of meat including Kilishi(spicy dried cow meat) and Ngwo-Ngwo, (assorted meat pepper soup) also lead to the death of many Nigerians as they cause hypertension leading cardiovascular disease in Nigeria and can result in stroke if untreated.

Many Nigerians, however, do not agree with Prof. Adewole as they see the consumption of such delicacies as a must and most times, they come quite cheap.

See the photos below:-

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Food and Health

Health: 6 Amazing Benefits of African Star Apple



– African cherry or Africam star apple is popularly called Agbalumo or Udara in different regions in Nigeria, this fruit is widely eaten and relished by many. It is also available in December through April and its botanical name is Chrysophyllum albidum. 

It is also rich in protein, carbohydrate, resin, terpenoids, flavonoids, tannins, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber which are all important in the body. The leaves, the bark of the tree, as well as the fruit, provides immense benefits to the body including curing of some diseases and infections. Here are other amazing benefit i bet u didn’t know about this widely consumed fruit.

#1. Detox the Body

African star apple is rich in antioxidant which helps to eliminate free radicals and toxins in the body. The antioxidant also helps to fight deadly diseases.

#2. Beauty Benefits

Vitamin C are an essential nutrient which helps to rejuvenate the skin, prevents skin infections and leaves the skin glowing and beautiful.

#3. Pregnant Women

Pregnant women suffering from nausea, constipation, sore throat and indigestion can eat this fruit as it is acidic and reduces these symptoms very fast. It is advised to be consumed moderately as it could be harmful.

#4. Diabetes

African star apple lowers the blood sugar levels which is recommended to be eaten by diabetic patients.

#5. Weight Loss

African star apple is rich in fiber and low in calories and fat. This helps to reduce the waistline if trying to lose weight.

#6. Prevent Heart-Related Diseases

African star apple lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the body which are very important in preventing heart-related problems.

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5 Unbelievable Beauty Benefits of Ginger



– The health benefits of ginger are widely known and it is not an underestimated plant. Even as a spice, it is ranked top among “spices that heal”.

But despite it commonly talked about medicinal value, its beauty benefits are less talked about. Here are some beauty benefits ginger would provide for your hair and skin.

#1. Anti-aging

Ginger is very rich in antioxidant which when eaten or applied directly to the skin will detox the body and rejuvenates the skin. This prevents the aging of the skin and leaves it looking beautiful.

#2. Hair growth

Ginger hair mask would stimulate faster hair growth and thicker hair. It will also prevent hair loss.

#3. Dandruff

If your scalp cannot be separated from dandruff, regular ginger hair mask will provide you with relief in no time.

#4. Removes Scars

Applying ginger mixed with lemon and honey to a scar daily will fade your scar over time.

#5. Cure Acne

Looking for a permanent cure for blackheads and pimples? Search no more as a ginger face mask, applied regularly would help to combat it permanently.

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